One Hive Closer to an Actual Apiary

In which our reluctant heroine gets rid of her sinus infection, starts beekeeping and checks back in with her daughter

It happens on the 5 every morning on my drive to work, at 5:30 in the morning on the 5 it so happens.  Just as I ascend the curve into the bridge I remember that I’m about to see the lights of downtown Portland, cast forth like sequins in complete disarray and I love sequins.  They’re shiny and faceted and cheap.  I remember I’m about to feel a zap of happiness connected to neither memory nor hope.  A bobbing joy on the surface of my day connected to no thing.  Anchored down by nothing.

Somewhere there is a song that wants to be married to that moment but for now that moment is dating Patty Griffin’s “No Bad News “.

It’s a brave little jaunt of a song.  A stringy stomp of the foot whose singer has had enough of closed doors and pinched hearts, burned houses and disease.  I, too, am done with these things.  Where my once-husband once lit our little house on fire, burning up memories that belonged to my daughter, I’m putting a beehive.  And in the home of my heart I’m adding on.

No Bad News by Patty Griffin


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