A Catalogue of Things I Desire But Do Not Understand


  1. Air thickened by humidity and the scent of newly mown grasses
  2. The thrill one feels as a stranger closes the distance from behind
  3. Spooked horses knickering in the tree line
  4. All the turquoise jewelry my father once gave my mother
  5. Something that tastes as red as the yew berry looks against a dark green sprig
  6. The way in which cottonwood seed blowing across a path makes a person younger, somehow, and also more beautiful
  7. Those things that didn’t exist until I learned their names: lemon balm, mint, tenderness, deliverance, loam
  8. His voice with its pitched roofs and long hallways
  9. Something that grows without light, in secret, as pale as a belly and somewhat monstrous
  10. A walk amongst the hoary thistles
  11. The hammock in the chicken run, the field behind work, and finally the small, square window above the bed

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